Renovations are a core competency of CES. We help companies upgrade or relocate their power service all the time with new panels, electrical wiring, breakers, raceways, or additional circuits. We also offer gate or door operator installation, as well as access control hardware expertise to provide security, ideal for building remodels or upgrades.

If you have plans for renovating in the future, call us to get advice on code compliance for new machinery, lighting, or automation plans.  We can often save you money through careful planning before the work starts, preventing any false starts due to code compliance incompatibilities in the plan.

Building remodels for new company move-in is one of our favorite jobs, relocating power service, adding more circuits, and scanning the building wiring for hot spots to ensure safe wiring integrity is present throughout the building.  This is where CES’s Thermographic scanning support can prevent problems going forward before they become a problem.