Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting

Industrial Electrical troubleshooting can be a tricky task when you don’t have the experience or equipment to quickly pinpoint problems. At CES, you can be assured we have seen almost any problem you can imagine. Circuit breakers are often a warning sign for other problems, so replacing a breaker isn’t always the answer to breaker problems. With over 30yrs experience we can quickly diagnose and locate the root problem fast. With our fully stocked trucks, we can often repair the problem on the first call.

Common Electrical Troubleshooting problems:

  • Breakers repeatedly turn off
  • Power lost to a certain part of a building, breakers are not tripped
  • Lights keep flickering
  • Canned lighting turns off intermittently
  • Ground fault detection breaker keeps tripping off
  • Light or socket feels warm to the touch
  • Wires are smoking, don’t know why