Door Operators

Door Operator Service

When your door operator doesn’t work right, call CES.  It may the door moving slower, making more noise, or the smoothness just isn’t like new.  This is when you need Commercial Electric to fix it before it breaks.  CES can get your door operator working like new again.  They will check the calibration, tolerances and adjust the operator, so the door is quiet, smooth and reliable, like new.

Door Operator Maintenance Program

The best way to keep automatic doors working like new it to contract with Commercial Electric to service your door operator on a scheduled basis.  If you are highly dependent on a functioning door at your business, setting up a scheduled maintenance program helps to keep thing in perfect working order.  This will help prevent operational shut down of your business when you least expect it.  Regular maintenance will lengthen the service life of the operator too, minimizing cost and hassle for years to come.

Door Operator Repairs

When door operator repairs are needed, CES can certainly help. If the problem includes the door itself, we can help with that too with our sister company, Commercial Door Company.  We have repaired hundreds of automatic door openers from dozens of manufacturers.  We can often fix door operator problems in one trip, getting your business back on track with minimal impact to customer revenue.  Call and tell us your problem.  We’ll be happy to send out a technician right away and get your business back to normal, with a reliable “opening” door.