Infrared Thermography can be important to prevent otherwise undetectable maintenance problems. This technology has been around since the 1970s. Many insurance companies offer lower building insurance rates with a thermographic inspection of the subject building. Other insurance companies won't even underwrite an insurance policy without a thermography-based electrical integrity report.

Thermal imaging allows the detection of overloaded hot circuits, low integrity or high resistance connections, overrated wiring, and many other defective electrical parts before they fail, potentially catching fire to cause facility damage and/or production losses. Most important, thermal imagery can eliminate the risk of human injury and/or loss of life. CES uses thermography to find the root cause of power loss, intermittent or conduction problems waiting to happen caused by loose or broken connections.

Thermal photography (thermography) technology utilizes radiation emitted in the infrared light spectrum to image and measure thermal problems that are normally undetectable to the human eye. Without shutting down equipment or interfering with production, a thermographic inspection can detect problems in almost any electrical panel, motor controller, switchgear cabinets, breakers, fuses, transformers, terminations, and equipment control panels that could easily result in electrical fires, mechanical breakdowns, or significant business interruption.

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