Explosion Proof Electrical Wiring

CES is certified and bonded with years of experience installing explosion-proof wiring for industrial manufacturing plants and refineries. 

If your industrial facility involves flammable gases, combustible dust, vapors, or flyaway particles, local code regulations require explosion-proof electrical wiring for these sensitive and potentially dangerous environments. It is also important to inspect the circuitry on an annual basis to ensure integrity against explosive situations that can prove hazardous to life and structure, not to mention the downtime of your business.

Explosion Proof Electrical Wiring

In many industrial environments, standard wiring hardware increases the risk of igniting combustibles, explosive vapors, gases, and particulates.  In these cases, it's important to install explosion-proof wiring and hardware for industrial or refinery environments. Call us today and let us help your business move forward with safe and reliable explosion-proof electrical wiring.

Explosion Proof Classifications

Class I = Any location that produces flammable gases/vapors. 
Class II = Any environment that could create or exhibit combustible dust. 
Class III = Any environment in which ignitable fibers or particles are present in the air, whether they are ignitable or not.