New Circuit Runs

Does your company need new circuits added to your business? Are you moving equipment around that requires circuits to be moved to new locations? CES can help with added power requirements or simply moving equipment power sources. Whether you have a large job or small, CES can move outlets or equipment power connections anywhere you need.

We specialize in industrial and commercial power distribution, so if you need 2, 3 or 4 phase power moved to power equipment, you need help from a company with years of industrial electrical construction experience, like Commercial Electric Systems. Insuring circuits are adequate for each specific machine, light or appliance, we can insure the integrity of the circuit and provide code compliance for a long productive operational life.

While doing work at your site, we would be happy to provide a free assessment of the power distribution integrity for the building to insure there are no "hot spots". Using our thermography equipment that optically senses heat, we can determine if you have circuit breakers or loose line connections that are too hot to last. This preventative measure can prevent these trouble signs from developing into serious problems in the future.