CES is certified to install and repair electrical circuitry in an explosion-proof environment, often required in refinery environments. This kind of expertise is essential for the safety of employees, preventing potential disasters due to sparks or heat from poor installations. Refinery work is a specialty of CES, complying with security and safety measures for each customer's special situation and requirements.

Electrical work can be dangerous in refinery environments. Special measures are needed to prevent the risk of mishaps. If you want competent technicians with explosion-proof electrical training and years of experience working on your electrical circuits, call CES today. Let's discuss your plans or immediate problems.

We can help with all types of refineries including oil, chemical, gas, or special metals such as copper, nickel, silver, zinc, or cobalt. We understand the special needs of these environments and offer quality work that's code compliant in your area.

24/7 support from CES is available. Many refineries run 3 shifts, downtime is lost money, which is not acceptable. If you have an emergency, call CES to get 24/7 repair service for any kind of electrical repair at your refinery. We can help you get back online to get production back to normal.